Energy Collective Pizzerias

In pizzerias, the kitchen is where it happens. The use of pizza ovens,  gas hobs, refrigerators and freezers together cause high energy consumption. Reason enough to take a close look on energy saving measures. So we do not only offer you a better price, but we also support you to reduce energy consumption.

Advantageous purchasing and save energy

Since we are the largest Corporate Energy Collective, we always offer sharp rates of which you benefit. In addition, we also support you in reducing the energy consumption. So the knife cuts both ways.

Personal adviser

Things like: minimum freezing and cooling capacity, using LED tubes or natural lighting are several examples of energy saving measures. A smart meter helps you to obtain insight in your energy costs. Along with your personal adviser, you can discuss the opportunities to take energy saving measures.

Free subscription

You can subscribe for the Energy Collective Cafetarias without obligation. Along with others, your application will be taken along in the negotiations with the energy supplier and send you an offer without obligation. If you agree, Energy Department will take care of the switch and you instantly know your personal adviser.

Save money in your industry

Our experts are active in almost all sectors. We are happy to discuss the possibilities in your industry.

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