Common questions

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Question 1How does energy collective work?

An energy collective is based on the strength of a group. By bundling the purchasing power of thousands of companies, we create a stronger negotiating position than any company individually would have with energy suppliers.

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Question 2How is my advance payment determined?

The advance amount is determined by the average consumption of the past 3 years. This ensures that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises later on. If there are demonstrable arguments why this is going to deviate, you can always report this to your intermediary in advance.

Question 3How do I discover my end date?

You may not know when your contract will expire. Usually your connection is registered in the CER (Central End Register). For each current contract, this records, among other things, the end date, extension period and notice period. However, this is not mandatory for business contracts and will therefore increase the lack of clarity. Want to know where you stand? Then contact our Service Desk

Question 4Can my energy contract be tacitly renewed?

Yes, energy contracts may be tacitly renewed. As a consumer you are more protected than a business user. The supplier often has free rein and usually comes with relatively high rates. Certain suppliers even require you to cancel 6 months in advance. Want to stay in charge of your own rates? Mail your request to our cancellation service.

Question 5Can a supplier impose a penalty on me?

If an agreement has been reached whereby a fixed term has been agreed, your supplier can impose a fine on you if you switch to another supplier before the end of the contract. The amount of this fine depends on the General Terms and Conditions that relate to the agreement. Some suppliers have more than 30 different versions of this. Our Contract desk employees are happy to help you with this.

Question 6The seller said that I was free of contract, now it appears that I have a penalty. What now?

Sellers come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of sellers who do not perform the correct checks, which means that you as a customer can run into a (hefty) fine. To prevent this, you should always check carefully what you have drawn before. You can do this by requesting the data yourself from your energy supplier and / or intermediary. Is it already to late? Then contact the employees of our Contract Desk. They will look at the options for each specific case.