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The energy efficiency notification obligation has been active in the Netherlands since 1 July. Many companies have still not indicated which energy-saving measures they have already applied. This is unfortunate, because it could lead to unnecessary penalties.

Help someone else to comply with the notification obligation. Register another company for the notification obligation and earn € 100 excl. of VAT. This way the other person prevents a penalty and you easily earn a nice amount.

Fill in the information below. We will then contact the company that you recommended. If the other party outsources the notification obligation to Energy Department, you will earn € 100,-.

What you may expect
from us

– Knowledge

As a recognized supervisor of the energy efficiency notification obligation, we know exactly what your application must meet.

– Take away concern

We take care of the entire process. From orientation to reporting via the eLoket of the RVO

– Certificate for confirmation

You will receive a personal certificate when the energy saving notification obligation has been reported by us

Check ups has already begun

Check ups has already begun

The check ups of the notification obligation have already started in several municipalities. Avoid an unnecessary penalty! Arrange the energy efficiency notification obligation quickly and easily via the Energy Department


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