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Do you want to cancel your contract?

Cancel a business energy contract within minutes?

This is possible, completely free of charge, via the cancellation service!

With business energy contracts you often have to deal with tacit renewals. Would you like to switch? Then it is important to cancel your energy contract. Even if you do not want to switch, it can be useful to cancel your contract in time, so that you can view new offers in peace.

Outsource canceling?

Canceling the energy contract often involves a lot of research. As a result, many customers do not do this. Especially as an entrepreneur, it is therefore understandable that you do not always have time for this. That is why Energy Department now offers a cancellation service. You can choose to hand it over to us! Fill out the form on the right and let us do the tedious work for you! However, it is useful to first check whether you can already switch. View the cancellation period of your supplier here. This can prevent you from getting a cancellation penalty. If you are not sure you can always contact us!

In addition to canceling your energy contract, we also check whether early termination is accompanied by cancellation penalties. If this is the case, we will contact you and provide tailor-made advice free of charge. We are guaranteed to prevent cancellation penalties.

Do you want to cancel yourself?

That is a possibility as well! We have made a step-by-step plan for this. You can see a brief overview of the steps from canceling to registering a new contract. The most important thing is that you cancel within the notice period. If it doesn’t work, you can always choose to outsource it to us. We do this completely free of charge!

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    Steps of termination to registration

    Step 1:
    Check the contract duration

    Step 2:
    Choose a new supplier

    Step 3:
    You receive an offer

    Step 4:
    You get a 14-day reflection period

    No idea which supplier to choose?

    Then register with our collective! Through joint purchasing it is possible for us to purchase on a large scale! This provides major economies of scale and therefore cheaper energy tariffs. Also for green energy!

    Step 5:
    Your current contract will be canceled

    Step 6:
    Your new contract starts

    Cancelled and then?

    Cancelled and then?

    Canceled energy contract? This offers you the opportunity to obtain a better energy contract. Energy Department helps SMEs and large consumers to lower rates and better contract conditions with A suppliers through our energy collective.

    Participation is free and without obligation. Do you not like the offer offered by us? No problem, you don’t have to comply with this.

    How do we proceed?

    By purchasing energy collectively, you can save on your business energy rate, but how does it work?

    Lower consumption

    Smart products can help you reduce your energy consumption. Shortly, don't wait any longer!

    Experiences from others

    Over more than 50,000 businesses participated before you! Wondering about their experiences? Read their stories here.

    Free consultation

    Our consultants will help you with all your energy questions when possible. Find out what you can do.