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Review your business energy bill

Review your business energy bill

Energy bills can sometimes be complicated. To help you with this, we have taken a close look at the business energy bill for you. Different conditions apply to small business consumers in comparison to large business consumers. In this article we only look at the energy bill of a small consumer.

As a small consumer you can expect three different energy bills, which we will all look at here.

  • Advance account
  • Annual statement
  • Final settlement

Advance account (12x per year)

The consumption of energy is not evenly spread over the year. During the winter months, when it is cold and gets dark earlier, in most cases you will consume more than in the warm summer months.

In order not to be faced with surprises, you therefore pay an advance throughout the year. This amount is monthly and remains the same every month. The advance amount of your energy bill is estimated based on your usage in the past.

All costs are included in the advance amount, including the costs of the network operator and the measurement company.

Annual settlement (1 x per year)

You can expect an annual statement every year of your contract. This energy bill shows your total consumption and costs of the past year. Various aspects are discussed in the annual statement.

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    Measurement data

    Measurement data

    The total energy supply on your annual statement is the amount of electricity that you have used over the entire contract year. This is calculated by subtracting the end position of your electricity meter by your starting position. It goes without saying that the closing position for the current contract year will also become the new opening position for the following contract year. It is recommended to check this on all your energy bills.

    Electricity specification
    • Consumption integral

    Consumption integral is the consumption of the measurement data multiplied by the rates of your contract. If you have a peak, off-peak and single rate, it will also be specified here.

    • Energy tax

    You pay energy tax as described in your annual statement on top of your rates per kWh. The rates for this tax are divided into 5 scales. For example, do you only use up to 10,000 kWh? Then you only have to pay the rates in the first scale. Within the energy bill in the image above you can see that the consumption is a lot higher. That is why they also pay the rates in scale 2 for the remaining consumption. Would you like a complete printout of the energy tax tables?

    It is good to know that energy tax is calculated over an entire calendar year and not specifically for the year that your contract runs. If your contract starts in June, the tax for the first year will only calculate from June to December 31, then the kWh counter for the tax will start again. Again, it is recommended to check this on your energy bill.

    Sometimes it also happens that the energy supplier sends the first annual statement at the end of December and then starts counting again from there.

    • Renewable energy storage

    Storage of Sustainable Energy is also mentioned on your annual statement. These are taxes that were introduced in 2013 to stimulate investment in sustainable energy.

    That is why the same principle applies as with the energy tax for Sustainable Energy Storage. However, these rates are slightly different than for energy taxes.

    Via this link you will find an overview with the relevant amounts.

    • Network costs

    Network costs are all costs incurred by the network operator for the maintenance and transport of the energy network. These costs also differ per network operator. It is wise to check the previously agreed network costs on your energy bill.

    Do you have questions or is something unclear? Request a free consultation!

    Final settlement (once per year)

    Final settlement (once per year)

    In addition to the advance and annual statement, you can receive a final statement. You will only receive a final invoice if you are going to move or switch to another supplier. Your supplier is obliged to send it to you within six weeks. This bill is determined on the basis of the meter readings that you have passed on to your new energy supplier. It also states whether you have to pay extra or not.

    If you do not pass on meter readings, the supplier is still legally obliged to send a final invoice. In that case, the supplier will have to estimate the meter readings. This means that there is a good chance that this is not 100% in line with reality and that you therefore incorrectly receive or have to pay extra. If you receive too much, you will still have to pay this back in the future. It may sound like a good idea, but in the end it certainly isn’t. We therefore always recommend that you report the meter readings on time and check your energy bill!

    Check your energy bill?

    It can sometimes happen that errors are made in the annual statement by the supplier. Therefore, always check your energy bill carefully, or have an Energy Department professional check your annual bill.

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