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Pay for what you don’t use?

Due to the government’s corona measures, the hospitality industry must close nationally. As a result, there is a huge loss of turnover while many of the costs continue to run. Because the restaurants, bars and other venues close earlier, considerably less energy will be used. Consumption that is included in the monthly costs. A shame to pay for that.

Do you need advice to limit costs and not pay for what you do not use? Fill in the form and request a consultation with one of our energy advisers.

Advance account

In order not to be faced with surprises, you pay an advance throughout the year. This amount is monthly and remains the same every month. The advance amount of your energy bill is calculated on your estimated annual consumption.

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Do you need advice about electricity, gas or both? We will contact you by telephone within 1 working day to discuss your application and, where possible, provide you with immediate advice. For example, think of:

Immediately reduce the monthly advance invoice

Immediately reduce your energy consumption

Advice on payment arrangements

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