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I have to pass on my address change

Are you moving and are you wondering whether you should notify us of your address change? If you have concluded an energy contract for a definite period, it is advisable to move your contract. Failure to do so may result in a penalty.

You usually report a move directly to the supplier or via your energy advisor. In the case of an energy advisor, he / she takes care of all correspondence with the supplier and ensures that you receive energy at your new address on time.

TIP: Take a picture of your meters on your last visit. You can compare this with the final bill you receive from your supplier.

Temporarily multiple locations

You may temporarily have more than one location during your move. Passing on this ‘move’ is important for your energy. During this overlapping period, you can ask your energy supplier to temporarily include several connections in the same contract. You then pay the same rate for the different connections. However, do not forget to cancel your contract at the initial address if you actually leave the location.

Emergency relocation

On average, reporting an energy move to an energy supplier takes four to five weeks after registration. In case of an urgent registration, this can be shortened to one working day. If no energy supplier is connected to your address at the time of application, you can be supplied with energy the same day


Do you want to do the move yourself? This is possible! We have made a checklist for you that you can keep next to it to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Look here at the bottom of the page for the checklist!

Let us do the work for you! Fill out the form

Let us do the work for you! Fill out the form

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    Three important steps for the move

    1. Please log off your old address

    • Report the move to your energy supplier on time. (at least four weeks in advance)
    • Take the current meter readings on the day of the move.
    • Pass the meter readings on to your energy supplier from your old address.

    2. Select a new supplier (if necessary)

    Register in good time with an energy supplier at your new address. You must have a contract for the energy at your new location. Do you have an ongoing contract for this certain period of time ? Then you will have to take it with you to the new address. If you fail to do this, you will receive a cancellation penalty. You can renew when the contract has expired. Or of course for a new search!

    3. Pass on to the network operator

    Your energy supplier will inform your network operator of your move. You do not have to provide this yourself.

    Checklist with important aspects to take into account when moving:

    • Do you have the moving date passed on to your current energy company on time? (You can report this up to 3 months in advance. The energy supplier has a maximum of 2 weeks to arrange the entire move
    • Receive confirmation of receipt? This comes together with a form to fill in the meter readings.
    • Meter reading form completed and sent; within 5 days? You fill in the meter reading form after you have been given access to your building
    • Keep the meter readings for your own records
    • Is it a new construction or an existing office? (For new construction it is important to fill in the meter readings with the contractor)
    • Have you checked the final invoice for the old office building? (When everything has been processed, you will receive a final invoice for your old location.
    • Check: have the meter readings been taken over correctly? (If there is an estimated meter reading on the final bill, you have sent the meter reading form too late or not. Then contact us
    • Received written confirmation of new building from (new or current) energy supplier?
    • Have you received the first meter readings for the new building?
    • Advance bill / installment amount received new property? It is an estimate of the use of the previous occupant of the building. Want to know more about the advance invoice? Click here!
    • Receive the final bill within 8 weeks?

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