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Why need contract data?

If you switch, you must enter the end date of your contract yourself. This is because energy suppliers are no longer allowed to request the end date. All data is in the Contract End register. What is this register?

What is the Contract End Register (CER)?

The Contract End Register is a database full of information about various current energy contracts of small consumers in the Netherlands. The following information can be found in this register (per contract):

Why the CER?

The CER was created to prevent a number of unpleasant situations. This is because conflicts regularly arose (for the register) between the new and the old supplier of some customers. All suppliers were busy acquiring customers, while it was often unclear to customers whether they had a current contract at all, when it ended or if it had been tacitly renewed. Contract breaches often occurred unconsciously among buyers.

Energy contract end date required

Network operators are no longer allowed to share data from the CER (Contract End Register) with energy suppliers. This is due to the decision of the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal.

This college prohibits consulting the end date, because the customer has not given permission for this. The network operators do not comply with the rules if they nevertheless decide to share the information with suppliers. But what is the CER actually?


This decision has consequences for the consumer. This person is now responsible for entering the correct end date for the contract. If this goes wrong, the customer can be fined from his old energy supplier. So only switch when you can enter the correct end date yourself. Want to know when you can switch? Click here to check your cancellation period!

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