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until 31/12/2022

Electricity single€ 0,0571kWh
Electricity high€ 0,0636kWh
Electricity low€ 0,053kWh
Gas€ 0,235
Continious costs€ 6,00month

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until 31/12/2024

Electricity single€ 0,0577kWh
Electricity high€ 0,0651kWh
Electricity low€ 0,0531kWh
Gas€ 0,229
Continious costs€ 6,00month

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until 31/12/2023

Electricity single€ 0,0571kWh
Electricity high€ 0,0641kWh
Electricity low€ 0,0529kWh
Gas€ 0,233
Continious costs€ 6,00month

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Promotional rates

Electricity single0,05710,05770,0571kWh
Electricity normal0,06360,06510,0641kWh
Electricity low0,0530,05310,0529kWh
Continious costs6,006,006,00month
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“Making use of even lower energy prices”

Martin Pot, Director Koelewijn & Partners

Industry: Consulting agency

“Even lower energy prices thanks to Energy Department. Total unburdening during the switch of energy supplier. The entire process runs perfectly. “

“A big cost saving on an annual basis”

Wim Wolfs, Franchisee Mortgage Vision Tilburg

Industry: Financial services

“Purchasing energy through Energy Department saves us a lot of money every year. Smooth switch to new energy supplier. “

“Sustainability is very important to Fysius Back Experts”

Art-Jan Dennekamp, Assistant Controller Fysius

Industry: Health-care

“Sustainability is very important to us. Every day we work together with clients on a sustainable result: a life without back pain for every client! Because all our treatment centers participate in the Energy Department energy collectives, we are working together on a healthy future! ”

” Helped our customer quickly and easily.”

Sarah Heemskerk, advisor ABC Nova:

Industry: Education

“Quickly and expertly assisted in submitting the Energy efficiency notification obligation for Koning Karel College.”

“Quickly and professionally fulfilled the Energy efficiency notification obligation for us”

Monique van Luyk, office manager

Industry: Financial services

“With a simple phone call, this obligation was taken off our hands in a good way.”

“I really enjoyed the collaboration”

Renee Bright, office employee

Industry: Industrial supplier

“Professional cooperation. A lot of work has been taken off our hands so that we could continue to focus on our own business.”

Notification obligation neatly and adequately handled by telephone”

Tom Schild, director

Industry: Education

“We have outsourced the Energy efficiency notification obligation to Energy Department. We have experienced the cooperation as fast and pleasant.”