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Charging points are perfect for businesses with electric cars. Therefore, it can be beneficial to get your own charging point. Energy Department is your reliable partner when purchasing your own charging station.

Nowadays there are more and more public places where your car can be charged. However, the battery will fill up if you stand still for longer, such as at home or at work. This way you will never end up with an empty battery. So contact Energy Department for charging points for your company!

Companies can also place charge points for their customers and visitors. Many companies provide an extra service with these charging stations . More and more people are driving electrically, which increases the demand for charging points.

Companies are obliged to install 1 charging station per 10 parking spaces. This has been mandatory since March 2020. In 10% of the other parking bays, the European Parliament requires the installation of cables to enable expansion to more charging facilities in the future.

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