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How does it work?

Infrared heating is the most natural way to heat a room, but how does it work? Like the sun, this technique uses infrared radiation. This radiation reaches everything in the house, such as the floor, furniture and the human body. This way, a space is heated in a pleasant and natural way. Infrared heating for companies is a good choice for your business! So please contact us immediately.


Commonly used for heating systems such as boilers operate on gas. The biggest problem with this is the rising gas price in recent years. Infrared heating offers a solution for this, because it works on electricity and therefore consumes less energy. The panels of infrared heating give off heat in an efficient way, so that a room at a lower temperature already feels pleasant. That is why the thermostat can be a few degrees lower, which is good for the environment!

In most cases, the panels are mounted on the ceiling or wall, so that they are barely visible. Installation is simple and further maintenance is hardly necessary. We also have the knowledge to deliver your infrared heating as cheaply as possible.

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