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All companies in the Netherlands by July 1, 2020 are required to use LED lighting . For this, the House of Representatives accepted a motion . But what doe s this mean for your business? It is important for companies that there is the right amount of light at every workplace. Whether this is in your showroom or workshop, providing the right amount and color of light is and remains custom work. This is important for the product presentation and the safety of the work process .

LED lighting is for companies due to its long lifespan, low energy costs and durability become one of the easiest ways to save. This way a LED light uses only 10% of the power of an incandescent or halogen lamp. This means that the savings per lamp can amount to a few tens per year. That is a quick saving for companies! LED lighting for companies is ideal for your business premises. Via Energy Department you find even cheaper solutions. Through the collective purchasing of LED lamps not only save you on energy costs, but also on purchase costs. Especially in this coronacrisis it is beneficial for every company to save on every cost item. We want to support u with that!

What many companies do not know is that light renovation is (partly) subsidized by Energy Investment Deduction ( EIA) for entrepreneurs with a profit motive. Another advantage is that LED lighting for companies not only provides significant energy savings, but can also be realized cheaply.

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