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The easiest way to reduce your energy consumption is to turn off the light earlier or to cut the power in time. Many of your devices are on when they are not being used, such as when your business is closed. This costs an unnecessary amount of energy and therefore money. The Smart Plug for companies puts an end to this waste and at the same time reduces CO₂ emissions, so that you contribute to a better environment!

How does the Smart Plug from Energy Department work?

The Smart Plug for companies is a plug between the thermostat and the socket that provides insight into the consumption of your appliance and can switch the appliance off and on in a smart way. This significantly reduces consumption, which results in significant savings on your energy rate. In addition, the Smart Plug for companie s creates insight into the current consumption of these devices and a unique program can be set for each device. This extends the life of your appliances and you contribute to a better environment.

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    Smart plug for companies

    – Saves at least 20% of your current consumption

    – Measures and analyzes energy consumption

    – Unique program per plug

    – Lifetime of your device is extended

    – Contributes to a better environment

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    By purchasing energy collectively, you can save on your business energy rate, but how does it work?

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