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The easiest way to reduce the energy consumption of your heating is to switch off the heating earlier. The heating is often turned on when there are few or no people in your building, for example when your company is closed. This costs an unnecessary amount of energy and therefore money. The smart thermostat for companies puts an end to this waste and at the same time reduces CO emissions that contribute to a better environment!

How does the Energy Department smart thermostat work?

With the smart thermostat from Energy Department you can set the temperature manually, via your smartphone or by means of a self-determined schedule . This way you can always have a warm office or business premises.

You can easily connect the included gateway to the boiler. This ensures communication between your boiler, the thermostat and the app. You replace your current thermostat with the Smart Thermostat and the installation is ready. Now you can start to set your own heating schedule.

By setting a schedule, the heating is automatically switched on but also mainly switched off. This significantly reduces consumption, which results in significant savings on your energy bill.

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    Smart thermostat from Energy Department

    – Set a temperature schedule yourself

    – Manually, but also remotely controllable

    – No subscription costs

    – More efficient use of energy

    – Good for the environment

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