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More and more companies consider the environment important. Sustainable products are therefore becoming increasingly popular. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet. More and more companies are choosing to purchase solar panels. Which is beneficial for the image of the companies.

The sun is free and even on a cloudy day solar panels provide electricity. Solar panels last an average of thirty years and also require little maintenance. Nowadays, subsidies can also save considerably on purchase costs. We help your company by purchasing solar panels as cheaply as possible. This way you can easily save on all fronts.

Once you invest between € 2,300 and € 314,675 in solar panels for your company, you may qualify for the small-scale investment allowance. This can reach up to 28% of your investment. This makes solar panels certainly worth buying for companies! Companies may also deduct the VAT from their own sales tax return for the solar panels.

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