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Energy subsidies

Energy subsidies come in all shapes and sizes. Are you planning to invest in sustainable energy or saving energy? Then you are probably entitled to an energy subsidy. Energy Department is an expert in the field of subsidy applications. This way you never pay too much for your investment.

Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production (SDE +)

Do you want to produce renewable, sustainable energy? Then you are entitled to an SDE + subsidy. This subsidy is intended for companies and non-profit organisations. There are six categories within SDE +, namely: biomass, geothermal energy, water, wind, land and sun. The SDE + payment stops when the maximum available budget has been paid out. Therefore, apply for the SDE + as soon as possible.

Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)

Does your company want to invest in energy-saving solutions and sustainable energy? Via the EIA subsidy this can yield a tax advantage! In total there are around 150 investments that fall under the EIA. Think about solar panels, LED lighting or infrared heating. To be eligible for an EIA, the costs incurred per energy-saving investment must be at least € 2,500. Your investment must be submitted to the RVO within three months of the order for delivery. Like the SDE +, the payment of the EIA stops when the maximum available budget has been paid out. Request a free consultation with one of our experts for more information!

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    Invest in saving energy? Then you may be entitled to the MIA or VAMIL. Both the Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA) and the Random Depreciation of Environmental Investments (VAMIL) are energy subsidies for environmentally friendly, energy-saving investments for entrepreneurs. Both energy subsidies allow the entrepreneur to write off part of their investment from their taxable profit, so that less tax has to be paid.

    The MIA allows entrepreneurs to deduct up to 36% of their investment costs from their taxable profit. The VAMIL gives your company the opportunity to write off up to 75% of the investment costs. In some cases it is even possible to combine MIA and VAMIL.

    Small-scale investment allowance (KIA)

    In contrast to the previously mentioned energy subsidies the small-scale investment allowance does not only relate to environmentally friendly investments. Still, it is possible to use the KIA for your investments in environmentally friendly assets. The small-scale investment allowance is available for investments in business assets from € 2,300 to € 314,673 and can be combined with the SDE+ and the EIA.

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