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The leading Dutch corporate energy collective

Every month, Energy Department organises an energy collective of hundreds of SMEs. As a collective, we purchase high volumes, allowing us to achieve a lower rate and better contract terms for our participants.

We are independent and only work with first-rate energy suppliers like Nuon, Delta, Total and GDF Suez.

Energy Department also assists large-scale users with energy procurement and offers an Energy Scan.

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Countdown to Juli Collectief 2018

Why join our corporate energy collective?

  • Save up to 25% on your energy bills
  • Free and without obligations
  • First-rate energy suppliers only
  • Deal with an independent party

How does the energy purchasing collective work?


Step 1: You sign up your company for the next energy collective.


Step 2: We receive proposals for the collective from various energy suppliers.


Step 3: We notify you and your company of the best offer.


Step 4:
We will contact you to discuss the collective offer.



For each collective, we talk to multiple first-rate energy suppliers. That way we’re able to negotiate the best deals with the energy companies.

Free to join

Free to join

Energy Department gets paid by the supplier of the winning collective offer, as a reward for bringing them new business. The participants benefit for free.

Always a cheaper deal

Always a cheaper deal

The collective offer will always save you 10 to 25% on your current energy rates. Now that’s cheap and easy energy procurement!


The latest news from Energy Department.

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The year has only just begun and therefore it’s a good time to look ahead. That is why we have listed the eight energy trends of 2018 for you. Some trends will mainly relate to the energy market as a whole, but there are also energy trends that will also be important to you as…
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Trend: Circulaire economie ook voor MKB’er belangrijk

Het gebruik van ruwe grondstoffen binnen de Nederlandse economie is de afgelopen tien jaar met 14 procent afgenomen. Daarmee beweegt de Nederlandse productie zich meer richting een circulaire economie, dat meldde het CBS deze maand.

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Crowdfunding bezig met opmars in energiebranche

Crowdfunding wordt steeds populairder voor het financieren van duurzame projecten. Onderzoeksbureau Douw&koren kwam tot die conclusie na uitgebreid onderzoek in de branche te vinden. Daarbij gaat het niet uitsluitend om particuliere projecten, ook op de zakelijke markt zijn steeds meer initiatieven.

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What participants say:

A few reviews from previous energy collectives.

London Dry Cleaning B.V. “Including the cancellation fee charged by the vendor,... Read more

Ed van den Corput – London Dry Cleaning B.V.

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You can sign up for free to be part of one of Energy Department's purchasing collectives. There are no membership or handling fees. And more importantly, we'll ensure a smooth transition, so you'll be saving money before you know it. Does your company have multiple locations? These can all be included in the collective, so you'll benefit from company-wide savings.

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