Environmental Management Act

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The term ‘Environmental Management Act’ has made frequent headlines in recent times. But what does this change mean for your company? Is it now time to take action?

What is the Environmental Management Act?

The Environmental Management Act stems from the established outlines of the climate agreement published on 10 July 2018. This is working towards a future-proof climate policy with the objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030 . This Environmental Management Act has been expanded to achieve this objective. In addition to the existing energy saving obligation, there will be an extra information obligation.

Energy efficiency notification obligation

By introducing the notification obligation, the government wants to accelerate energy savings in the business community. Is your company currently subject to the energy saving obligation? Then you also fall under the notification obligation. If not, you should take action. Since 1 July 2019, more than 400,000 organisations are required to report which energy-saving measures they have taken. The obligation to provide information must be achieved every four years.

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    • Energy Department may report on behalf of your company in eLoket as referred to in Article 2.15, second paragraph, of the Environmental Management Activities Decree.
    • Energy Department invoices you Euro 450.00 excl. VAT (afterwards).

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Information obligation arranged quickly

More time for our core business thanks to Energy Department. We have experienced the cooperation as fast and pleasant. When it turned out that another company we worked with also had to meet the information obligation, we notified it to Energy Department. They got also well and neatly helped and now fulfills the information obligation.
Renske Massier
Senior employee

Quickly and professionally fulfilled the Energy efficiency notification obligation for us

With a simple phone call, this obligation was taken off our hands in a good way.
Monique van Luyk
Office manager

Notification obligation neatly and adequately handled by telephone

We have outsourced the Energy efficiency notification obligation to Energy Department. We have experienced the cooperation as fast and pleasant.
Tom Schild

Energy Department, our help with the information obligation

We now too fulfill the information obligation thanks to Energy Department.
Wilfred Hijman
Managing director

We have experienced the cooperation as pleasant

We are now also fulfilling the information obligation.
Renske Massier
Senior employee

We needed help with the information obligation

By outsourcing the information obligation, the obligation was quickly and easily met!
Raymond van ‘t hooft

Helped our customer quickly and easily.

Quickly and expertly assisted in submitting the Energy efficiency notification obligation for Keizer Karel College.
Sarah Heemskerk
Advisor ABC Nova

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