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Why an energy advisor?

Of course our energy advisers will also help you with your current energy situation. We are available for you! What is your current status? We will find out! This way we can give you insight into your contract, invoice or help you switch. In addition to our help for your current situation, we also strive for the best energy situation for our customers. Check out our energy collective to discover what suits you best!


Decrease advance amount

Many companies have had to close their doors temporarily as a result of the Corona virus. However, the fixed costs continue to run, as do the energy costs. Energy Department mediates with your energy supplier to reduce your energy invoice. As a result, you now have fewer expenses. We mediate this, in these times, free of charge for you. Even if you are not our customer.

Obtain contract information

If you switch, you must enter the end date of your contract yourself. This is because energy suppliers are no longer allowed to request the end date.

Network operators are no longer allowed to share data from the CER (Contract End Register) with energy suppliers. This is due to the decision of the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal.

This college prohibits consulting the end date, because the customer has not given permission for this. The network operators do not comply with the rules if they nevertheless decide to share the information with suppliers.

Cancel energy contract

With business energy contracts you often have to deal with tacit renewals. Would you like to switch? Then it is important to cancel your energy contract. Even if you do not want to switch, it can be useful to cancel your contract in time, so that you can view new offers in peace. Canceling the energy contract often involves a lot of research. As a result, many customers do not do this. Especially as an entrepreneur, it is therefore understandable that you do not always have time for this. That is why Energy Department now offers a cancellation service.

Notification address change

Are you moving and are you wondering whether you should notify us of your address change? If you have concluded an energy contract for a definite period of time, it is advisable to move your contract. Failure to do so may result in a penalty. You usually report a move directly to the supplier or via your energy advisor. In the case of an energy advisor, he / she takes care of all correspondence with the supplier and ensures that you receive energy at your new address on time.


Prevent a penalty

You pay a cancellation fee for energy, also called a cancellation penalty, if you change supplier before your contract has expired. Suppliers do this because they miss out on income that they had taken into account on the basis of the contract. A cancellation fee can only be imposed if certain agreements are violated. As a result, agreements must be clear to both parties at the time of conclusion. Agreements are made about the amount of the cancellation fee for energy when the contract is concluded.

Invoice verification

Energy bills can sometimes be complicated. To help you with this, we have taken a close look at the business energy bill for you. Different conditions apply to small business consumers than to large business consumers. In this article we only look at the energy bill of a small consumer.

As a small consumer you can expect three different energy bills, which we will all look at here.

  • Advance account
  • Annual statement
  • Final settlement


Complaints about your energy supplier? Uncertainties about your contract? Energy Department helps with researching your rights through our contract desk. For your convenience, we have already listed the general terms and conditions of the largest energy suppliers. This way you can quickly see what the agreements will be.

Do you have questions about your energy contract? Check out our common questions! Would you prefer to get in touch with our specialists? Not a problem, our contract desk is available by telephone and e-mail for all your questions about any energy supplier! The consultation with our specialists is completely free.

Energy Glossary

Are there energy terms unclear? Or do you need more information about a certain term? Scroll down for our complete Energy Glossary!